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The self esteem doctrine is directly contrary to the what the Bible says about how we should judge ourselves.

Our true self esteem comes from Christ, Who gave Himself for us. The Just for the Unjust.

Matthew 5:3  “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Ephesians 5:2  And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.


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paulwasher If one desires to be more useful to the Master, he or she must become more like the Master. Our great need is greater conformity to Christ.

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jeff JEFF NOBLIT is the Senior Pastor-Teacher of First Baptist Church of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

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Steve Camp writes on his blog CAMPONTHIS an excellent article on the CCM scene and it’s music.

In one concise statement David introduces us to the Hymnbook of Heaven elucidating the triumvirate of Christian service – doctrine, worship and life. Thy statutes (doctrine); are my songs (worship); in the house of my pilgrimage (life). Just as the doctrine of justification by faith alone is like Atlas bearing on its shoulders the entire evangelical knowledge of saving grace[1], so is doctrine, worship and life the three central pillars for music ministry. True Christian music is God-conceived (doctrine); Christ-centered (worship); and Spirit-controlled (life). Take away any one of these pillars and the building topples. For example: a powerful doctrine sung in glory to Christ with an impure life is noise to the ears of our holy God.[2] Conversely, an obedient life given in worship to Christ absent of sound doctrine will be empty praise and on the path to error.[3] Lastly, right theology sung out of the beauty of holiness but vacant in worship to Christ leads to pride or self-glory[4] and the chastisement of the Father.[5]

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Quick Read #1

I was talking to someone about a person who is sick and has a lot of pain.
Their comment was well if this person were to die that they would not have to suffer anymore.
The sad truth is that their suffering and Pain would be just starting in an eternity in Hell if they have not Jesus.

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Emergent Candy

From the sacredsandwich.com

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This teaching is prevalent in the Atlantic Baptist Churches.

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